Research & Consulting Program

The premier program to build upon experience in both real estate and consulting.
Joshua So
Head of Research and Consulting

What We Do

The Research & Consulting Program (R&C) is UREC’s internal consulting arm that works together with industry professionals to deliver high-quality, professional-grade real estate consulting services. The program was created to offer undergraduate students at UC Berkeley an opportunity to gain industry experiences and skills by producing professional-level deliverables for real estate-related firms. As a part of the program, you will be placed onto a team consisting of 1-2 project managers and 4-7 research associates, and will work together with them to complete either client work or independent real estate research projects.*

*Those interested in joining before the Analyst Program should have professional experience in real estate.
Application Due Date: 9/4/23, 12PM PST
Fall 2023 R&C Application

You will also have access to:

Tight-Knit Real Estate Community

Become part of a close community and attend socials, retreat, and banquet

Exclusive Events

Access to a variety of events that provide unique knowledge and opportunities to grow as a real estate professional.

Member-Only Resources

Workshops, job listings, recruiter contacts, and more to help you break into the industry.