Analyst Program

Semester-long comprehensive finance & commercial real estate training curriculum

About the Analyst Program

Shayna Akiba
VP of Analyst Development

Why Join?

Our premier analyst program provides members with in-depth financial training in Excel, industry overview lectures, and a final case study presentation. Additionally, analysts will get access to our alumni network, community-building events, and comprehensive recruiting tips.
Tight-Knit Real Estate Community

Become part of a close community and attend socials, retreat, and banquet

12-Week Exclusive Trainings

Deep-dive into key real estate concepts and learn technical skills such as financial modeling in Excel, industry analysis, etc.

Member-Only Resources

Workshops, job listings, recruiter contacts, and more to help you break into the industry.

Application Due Date: 1/31/2023, 8PM
Spring 2023 analyst program Application