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Who We Are

UREC is UC Berkeley’s only undergraduate organization dedicated to real estate and similar non-traditional investments. As a student organization, we pride ourselves in our tight-knit social community alongside our strong commitment to professional development. Members of our organization are able to leverage UREC's technical training, strong alumni presence, and extensive industry network to find personal and professional success throughout their careers.

What We Do

UREC Community Members: Our open membership is available to any student at UC Berkeley, and serves as a great way to start your interest in real estate.

UREC Analyst Program: This semester-long training program provides a small cohort of especially passionate undergraduates the opportunity to dive deeper into real estate. After completion of the program, analysts will have a strong grasp of Excel modeling, financial analysis, and the real estate market.

UREC Summer Intensive Training: Navigate to the "Programs" dropdown for more information.

UREC Events: UREC hosts numerous speaker events and info sessions every semester. During these events, students are able to hear from professionals various insider tips explaining the ins and outs of the real estate market.

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